Monday, June 16, 2014

India Modi government’s assault on democratic rights

Bhagana rape survivors & protestors evicted from Jantar Mantar by Delhi Police

WomenprotestersAt morning 6 am today (Wednesday, 4th June 2014), nearly one thousand policemen came to Jantar Mantar and forcibly removed the Bhagana survivors’ and other tents and warned the protesters to vacate the Jantar Mantar by 12 noon.
At Hissar mini secretariat too, Bhagana’s Dalit families were evicted in the same manner. At both the places the police took away these refugees’ belongings too. Small children and the victim girls are forced to stay on the open street, where too police is not letting them live.
Jantar Mantar is a place where people have been protesting since years and all survivors of exploitation and repression find a voice here with other survivor and solidarity groups andDelhi public.
We all are gathering at Parliament Street police station at 2pm ( just after a while) to protest this brutal move of Delhi and Hisar police.
We urge all  citizens, progressive groups in Delhi to come at the Parliament Street, at Jantar Mantar and where ever you are, put this information on your face book, twitter and other media platforms. Forward this mail. Write protest letter/ mail to Police Commissioner, Delhiand SSP, Hisar ( please see net for their phone number and mailing addresses), send sms to them condemning and asking them on what  ground they have taken this eviction step.
Friends/Comrades, the atrocities on Dalits are increasing day by day and the democratic space for our struggle is decreasing fast. Let us get together and act.
In Solidarity,Kiran Shaheen 98180 65092
(On behalf of women’s and other democratic groups in Delhi)

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