Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Manipur Maoist

Restrain giving communal tinge to Mamangching incident: Manipur Maoist
IMPHAL, June 20: The proscribed Maoist Communist Party of Manipur in a press statement signed by its Secretary Publicity and Propaganda, Nonglem Meitei has stated that a team consisting of the members of Central Committee of the party in consultation with leaders of different communities is trying to bring an amicable solution to the ongoing land dispute between Mamangching of Thoubal District and its surrounding areas.
The ongoing dispute is because of the deafening silence maintained by those who are in the power of the state, said the statement. Vote bank politics is being played by taking side with a particular community by a few leaders it said. Further, the party has appealed the people not to give a communal tinge to the incident, adding that it should be taken as a petty dispute between two neighbouring village. It is very unfortunate that a few narrow-minded people are trying to flare up the issue for their political gain.
The party reiterating its earlier call of observing the International Day of The World Indigenous Peoples on August 9, it has appealed all the communities to give cooperation for a successful observation of the festival. It further appealed for maintaining tranquility and avoid from indulging in any action that might trigger unnecessary tension among the indigenous communities. The misunderstandings that have happened in the past between the communities is because of the divisive policies of the Indian State. There is a need to evolve a counter-strategy in the revolutinery movement of Manipur. For this, a joint effort from the intellectuals and the civil society organisations is needed, said the statement. The said indigenous festival should serve as a common platform for all communities of Manipur, it added.

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