Friday, June 6, 2014

International Campaign for a International Delegation to India

IntnlDlgtnMay14The meeting of ICSPWI decided:
1. The International Delegation
The campaign FREE SAINBABA should continue in June, exposing the new Modi’s regime, the Operation Green Hunt, and persisting in the defence of political prisoners and support for International Delegation. Also the 19th June can be used for this.
It is possible the participation of 1-2 representatives for country active in the campaign.
2. The International Conference of support PW India for the 10th anniversary of foundation of CPI(Maoist) will be realised in Italy on 27-28 September 2014. All committees, parties, organisations – Maoist, anti-imperialist, revolutionary, internationalist – can take part with one or two representatives. Each country can realise national mass event for this, before or after the International Conference.
A call will be send in June by ICSPWI with prganizational details

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