Friday, June 27, 2014

India regime is kriminal ! Naxal paper raises chemical weapon bogey

NAGPUR: A detailed circular, issued by western regional unified command of banned Communist Party of India (Maoist), has alerted its cadres that security forces were using chemical weapons against them and also trying to get their food poisoned. Underlining that security forces were enjoying an upper hand in the guerrilla zone, Naxalites have urged their cadres to be on high alert. They have issued exhaustive guidelines of strategies through the circular, which is in possession of TOI. Against the backdrop of setbacks, Naxal top command has asserted that security forces using choppers against them more doggedly.
It talked about “Nagpur’s airbase where 10 choppers are kept ready” for deployment. It directed the cadres to strengthen the revolutionary work in both Gadchiroli and Gondia districts despite the reverses the red rebels have been facing. The Naxal leaders have also expressed deep concerns regarding its depleting manpower following mounting pressure of the forces at different levels. The reds have alerted their cadres regarding police’s night ambushes and their willingness to move deeper into the guerrilla zones more frequently. They urged the cadres to guide the commanders regarding the police’s possible ambush points.
The Naxals, known for their manual intelligence network, informed cadres that police had managed to create information collecting bases in all villages. According to a senior security official, Naxals have hinted that the special police officers (SPO) were working as undercover agents for police. The circular indicated that while police patils were open volunteers, SPOs were working behind the curtains. The guerrilla leaders asked the cadres to undertake only such operations that can assure a high degree of success and not take any undue risk. The circular asked them to strengthen the mass base and revive the militia.
Asking cadres to appoint someone for publicity of Naxal literature in every village, they called for a set-up on the lines of public relations department. The cadres were asked to prepare literature in Marathi too. Reminding the cadres of laid-down strategies of central and state military commissions, the circular tells cadres to follow standard operating procedures. It also condemns the surrendered cadres who are leading cops to weapon dumps assembled by the guerillas after much struggle and sacrifices of life. The Naxals have also pointed at the government’s strategy to woo the villagers through different schemes and benefits. The psychological warfare of government against the rebels through surrender policy and other schemes being offered have been highlighted through the circular.

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