Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Observe the 40th martyr day of comrade Moniruzzaman Tara.

“People want revolution, the revolutionaries are the progenies of people, depend on people and the prime weapon of self-denial is the major asset that the revolutionaries count on.”   Moniruzzaman Tara.


The great Maoist and  one of the leaders who uphold the flag of the line of comrade Charu Majumder , comrade Moniruzzaman Tara was brutally murdered by the killer military force-Rokhiyee Bahinee of the fascist Mujib Govt in 1975. To mark his 40th martyr day Gonomuktir Ganer Dol organized a discussion program and a mass cultural program at Shadhinota Square, Stationbazar, Shirajgonj at 5 p.m. on 22nd  May,2014. The speakers in the discussion program, presided over by advocate Zahed Karim, reinforced that it is a scientifically proven truth that only the politics of crashing down the class enemies can annihilate the political , economic, and social eminence of  the reactionaries and in that way can establish a new democratic state of the labor-peasants-working class. Comrade Moniruzzaman Tara dedicated his life to establish this line among the people and in his very death of non-surrender he upheld the flag of this revolutionary truth. Hence it is a must-do for every revolutionary  to take part in the construction of a new democratic state through crashing down the class enemies in the villages to start  establishing red-dominant areas. Among the discussants were Prince Ahammad, editor of Lamppost, Mirza Forhaduzzaman, former student leader and elder brother of comrade Moniruzzaman Tara, Nahid Sultana Lisa, editor of Lamppost and Ashish  Corraya,  Gen. Secretary of Gonomuktir Ganer Dol. Later in the mass cultural program Gonomuktir Ganer Dol presented gonosangit and a group recitation of a coladge  against crossfire based on the historic movement of Naxalbari.

This martyr day was followed by a series of protest street programs stretched over the following two days at different villages of Shirajgonj - in the morning of 23rd May at Roynapara Primary School, Bellkuchi, then at Haat of Shawalavita, the third in the evening at Khokshabari, Gunorgati. The next day, on May 24, Gonomuktir Ganer Dol had its fourth street program at Khoksha Charpara and the last one in the evening at the bazar of Songacha. All these street programs were held amid the labor and peasants of the village areas to protest against and resist crossfire, encounter, gunfight, abducted-murder etc., the main target of which are evidently the Communist  revolutionaries.      

Red Salute                                                                                   
Ashish Corraya                                                                                            
General Secretary                                                                                          
Gonomuktir Ganer Dol

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