Friday, June 6, 2014

open letter to the ICAWPI


Dear friends,
As you probably know, the recent meeting of the ICSPWI took the initiative to organize an International Delegation to India.
A call has been launched internationally for a fund-rising campaign and the work of meetings and consultation began among all the international solidarity forces to realize this enterprise and select possible delegates.
The purpose of such delegation is to challenge the Indian regime, by mobilizing the international public opinion to stop the attacks on all the people’s movement in India.
As the message sent by our comrades in India to the International Conference organized by ICSPWI on 2012 in Hamburg reads: “The campaign to end the Operation Green Hunt and the solidarity movement in support of the people's war in India complement each other … the need of the hour is to strive to mobilize as broadly as possible the anti-imperialist, democratic and revolutionary forces to strengthen the campaign to end the Operation Green Hunt, aiming to build a worldwide anti-imperialist front, that is already in the process”.
On the other hand, the recent ascend to power of Narendra Modi’s Hindu communalist fascism with his avowed stand of zero-tolerance against “terrorism” and the quantum leap in the witch-hunt against any voice of dissent in India reflected by the abduction of Prof G.N. Saibaba have made the situation that the Delegation will meet even more complex and difficult.
We feel that all these facts should lead to unite our forces with yours for a joint effort.
Therefore, we propose a meeting between ICSPWI and ICAWPI to discuss how we can unite our hands in defense of Indian people and their struggle for liberation, starting from the cooperation for the International Delegation.
So, we propose to have a meeting with you as soon as possible.

Looking forward your early reply,
In solidarity,
may 2014

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