Thursday, June 19, 2014

Manipur Maoist for ‘A New Democratic Culture’

IMPHAL, June 16: Manipur needs a ‘New Democratic Culture’ for attaining a sovereign and an egalitarian society said Nonglen Meitei, Secretary Publicity and Propaganda of the proscribed Maoist Communist Party of Manipur in a statement. The statement said there is need for a collective cultural platform with an inclusive perspective and the platform should be of a global perspective one. Therefore, in this regard, the party has urged the indigenous people of Manipur to observe ‘Indigenous Festival’.
It said the festival should commence on August 9, which is also the world’s Indigenous Peoples Day, and the observation should last till August 14: on the day when British gave independence to Manipur. The statement further said, the festival should include indigenous games such as Mukna, Mukna Kangjei, Thang-Ta, Sagol Kangjei. This would help in reviving the diminishing indigenous games from the soil of Manipur. Along with the games, indigenous dance and music should be also encouraged, it said. Performance of Ougri Hangel Chongba (Thabal Chongba) should also be taken out till the midnight of August 14.
The performance of Thabal Chongba has taken a different meaning in the present day. For example, the date of Thabal Chongba coincide with the examination time of class x and xii which disturbs the study environment of the students, it said. At the same time, the time of Yaoshang Thabal Chongba encourage youngsters into intoxicants and drug abuse, which is detrimental to the society. Having said this, the Maoist maintained that Yaoshang Thabal should not be banned but the time has come for a deeper contemplation over the new changes. Maoist Communist Party Manipur seeks the co-operation of the people for the said festival, the statement added.

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