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India - Tongpal Ambush is the Consequence of White Terrorism of the Indian state-March 25th - PCIM

Press Release March 25, 2014
Tongpal Ambush is the Consequence of White Terrorism of the Indian state
In the name of Operation Green Hunt – ‘War on the People’
On March 11 in a valiant attack by our People’s Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA) commanders and red fighters on the joint forces of paramilitary and district police on the Jagdalpur-Konta NH-221 near Tongpal of Sukma district in Chhattisgarh, 11 CRPF jawans belonging to the 80th Battalion and four district policemen died. Our guerillas seized 19 weapons (six AK-47s, two SLRs, seven Insas rifles, three grenade launchers, one LMG), ammunitions and other military equipment.
The Tongpal ambush is part of the tactical counter-offensives carried on by the PLGA all over the country under the leadership of our party in self-defence against the white terrorism of the Indian state in the name of Operation Green Hunt (OGH)– The War on People. The Central Committee sends its revolutionary greetings to the PLGA forces for making this ambush successful. While this incident enthused a lot the oppressed masses of our country who are being crushed under the iron heels of the mercenary paramilitary and police forces, the exploiting governments and their lackeys were shaken to the core once again.
The central and state governments, the Congress and the BJP condemned this attack. The Congress gave a call for state bandh stating that this was the failure of the state government and demanding Raman Singh’s resignation. The Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, Chief Minister Raman Singh and the higher police officials immediately rushed to the spot to keep up the morale of their mercenary forces and shed crocodile tears while stating that this was a cowardly act of the Naxals, that the Naxalites had in fact weakened, their documents prove this and they had resorted to this horrific act to cover their weakness. Shinde proved his counter-revolutionary character by stating that they would take revenge for this terrorist act of the Naxals. And he is the Home Minister of India – ‘the biggest democracy in the world!’
To cover up the War on People carried on in the name of OGH, the central and state governments are accusing us of being terrorists. Who are actually the terrorists? If we had really weakened why are more than four lakh central and state armed forces deployed in the revolutionary movement areas and why do they carry on nonstop combings and attacks, harass, arrest, put in jails, murder, rape, kill in fake encounters and massacre the people without respite? Why were 165 companies of paramilitary forces deployed during the Chhattisgarh assembly polls in an unprecedented manner? The central and state exploiting ruling classes that are carrying on incessant offensives on the people of our country by fascizing the state machinery are the real terrorists. The plans for these offensives are made under the direct supervision of the FBI, the intelligence agency of the US imperialists sitting in Delhi.
The aim of these offensives in to completely wipe out our party, the protracted people’s war led by it, the Revolutionary People’s Committees (Revolutionary People’s governments) formed on the basis of genuine democracy and self-reliance and developing as an alternative to the exploiting Indian state. In the name of ‘gravest threat to the internal security’ of the country and in accordance with the US dictated LIC strategy and tactics, they are resorting to a severe multi-pronged offensive. Their deceptive Peace Talks proposals and reform schemes are intended to divert the people and the democrats and to carry on further heavy offensive on the revolutionary movement.
In the backdrop where revolutionary conditions are increasingly maturing, it is the conspiracy of the ruling classes to preserve this exploitative system by making the people leaderless through decimation of the leadership of the progressive revolutionary forces. As part of this, in the movement areas of Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Asom hundreds of Adivasis, other oppressed people and the revolutionary activists. In these offensives, just in the past one year more than 150 revolutionaries and common people were massacred by the mercenary armed forces.
The movement areas were turned into military camps. Thousands of innocent people, revolutionary activists and leaders were incarcerated in prisons. In Gadchiroli of Maharashtra, Govindgaon, Bhatpar, Sindesur and Medri massacres and even before that blood has dried the attacks at Pendodvaya and Indur, the recent Bethkati massacre in Gondia district, the Lakarbandha massacre in Jharkhand and other attacks, the Puvvar, Maraiguda, Odnar, Edesmetta, Burgum, Badakakiler and Nelnar attacks in Dandakaranya, the Silakota, Munguluvalasa attacks in Odisha are the prominent among these. In Govindgoan when our comrades were returning after conducting a meeting at night, the police lay in wait and killed six of our comrades including a DVCM comrade Sankar, killed five persons including three villagers in an attack from rear in Bhatpar and killed seven persons including three villager who brought food in Sindesur. In Medri, the Medri villagers are the eye witnesses for the massacre of six women comrades.
It came to light in the media too. After the murders, the notorious C-60 commandos did not leave even the dead bodies of the women comrades, captured in mobiles their obscene behavior with them and are selling that in weekly markets. In Lakarbandha (Jharkhand) the CoBRA commandos and the reactionary TPC goons murdered ten persons including comrade Prasant in a one-sided attack targeting our party leadership. In the Puvvar incident, 4000 greyhounds, CoBRA, CRPF and CAF forces surrounded our 26 member PLGA force and brutally murdered important leadership from SZCM comrade Sudhakar to the AC level leadership. At Maraiguda two persons including a District Committee member comrade Naresh were shot dead. In Odnar, two villagers were called to the police station, killed in a fake encounter and buried without even giving the bodies to their relatives. In Edesmetta, they attacked villagers who were celebrating a festival and massacred eight persons including three children.
Near Burgum, they attacked a small PLGA team and killed two women comrades. One among them was caught with injuries and killed in cold blood. Similarly in Kuvvem three militia comrades, three in Badekakilaer and three in Nelnar were murdered. While 13 village militia comrades were massacred in Silakota of Odisha, comrade Madhav in Machkhand area and comrades Manganna and Mahender in Munguluvalasa were caught and killed in fake encounters. There are several more were caught in separate incidents and murdered. On the one other hand, the the ruling classes criticize that ‘the Maoists who resort to violence in forests do not have any ideology’ and have extended the OGH to urban areas by stating that ‘the Maoist ideologues in the cities who are continuously stoking the Maoist ideology are more dangerous than the guerillas.’
The intellectuals who express support to the democratic, revolutionary and national liberation movements are somehow or the other being booked under conspiracy cases such as UAPA and put in jails. Since last year they took another step forward and murdered the beloved leader of the oppressed masses of Andhra Pradesh comrade Ganti Prasadam through black gangs and the leader of the Telangana movement comrade Akula Bhumaiah in an accident. It has become commonplace to make threatening phone calls to several activists and intellectuals who are active in anti-state movements and open revolutionary activities. To suppress the people who rebel against their anti-people policies and to consolidate their power they are depending on military, paramilitary, special police and commando forces and on intelligence organizations like the IB, NIA and SIB and carrying on fascist offensives.
The civil rights and even the right to live are getting curbed. Is this not direct violence by the Indian state on the 90% oppressed masses, sections and nationalities for the sake of handful of exploiters? It would become clear that every year lakhs of people are dying in this violence if data are collected. What the PLGA is carrying on under the leadership of our party against the white terror of the Indian state machinery is only counter-violence and revolutionary violence. Anybody who knows even a little about history would understand that oppressed nations and the people had followed only this path anywhere in the world when civil rights evaporated. On this occasion, our party is appealing to worker-peasant and other oppressed masses, democrats, students, youth, intellectuals, patriotic forces, well-wishers of Adivasis, environmentalists, poets, writers and artistes to agitate against the white terror, particularly the violence perpetrated by the central and state governments as part of the War on the People – OGH.
(Abhay) Spokesperson,
Central Committee, CPI (Maoist)

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