Saturday, September 4, 2021

Italy - Message from the MFPR for Comrade Martin

With great sadness we
want to recall Comrade Martin's support for the battle of the revolutionary proletarian feminist movement

When we were invited to Galicia for a tour of assemblies in the country, Comrade Martin welcomed us with great respect and revolutionary affection; he guided us in a part of this tour by presenting the assemblies with great appreciation for the struggles of proletarian women in Italy and towards the revolutionary work of the MFPR to which he made a special gift that we carefully keep in one of our offices, an original painting about Chiang Ching and Mao dating back to the period of the Great proletarian cultural revolution.

Comrade you will always be alive in the struggles against this exploiting and oppressing capitalist and imperialist system that must be destroyed for true social liberation.

  The Mfpr women comrades

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