Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Martyr Nubar Ozanyan Battalion: We take Gonzalo as an example!

Martyr Nubar Ozanyan Battalion: We take Gonzalo as an example!

Martyr Nubar Ozanyan Battalion commemorated the communist leader President Gonzalo, who was immortalized on September 11. In a news article on www.tkpml.com Cemil Amed gave a speech at the commemoration, which started with a military ceremony and a moment of silence. Amed stated in his speech that President Gonzalo is not just a Peruvian revolutionary and has a practice that will guide workers, peasants and oppressed peoples all over the world.

Speaking in Kurdish and Arabic, Amed said, “We are gathered here today to commemorate President Gonzalo. Who is President Gonzalo? He was a professor, pioneer of the Peruvian Revolution, and leader of the Peruvian Communist Party. He fought relentlessly for 86 years until he was immortalized. He was arrested by the fascist Peruvian state with the great will and support of the United States and kept in isolation in a dungeon for 29 years. America only wanted him to say 'I'm sorry' once. But he never once said he regretted it," he said.

Amed continued his speech as follows; "He was a great comrade for freedom, for the revolution, for the oppressed peoples. We need to take him as an example. He was the leader not only of the Peruvian people, but also of the Kurds, Armenians, Arabs, and oppressed peoples. … We revolutionaries may die as martyrs, but the idea of freedom, the idea of revolution lives on. As Armenian revolutionaries, wherever there is war, wherever there is the idea of freedom, we see it as our own cause. We do not accept oppression wherever it happens. We live for the truth. The truth is revolutionary, real freedom, real comradeship, real people's war. We will keep this truth until we die. We will walk to the truth, we will walk to the revolution, we will walk to freedom. … We, as the Martyr Nubar Ozanyan Battalion, will walk this path as Gonzalo did. He is our commander, teacher, and valuable comrade. … If we walk, knowing that the most important thing in life is freedom, knowing that there is no other truth, we can achieve this whether we starve, fall into dungeon or be tortured. We can enlarge the revolutionary people's war. Today, as we commemorate President Gonzalo once again, we declare that we will walk this path and bow respectfully before his memory. Şehîd namirin (Martyr Immortal), şehîd namirin, şehîd namirin!”

The commemoration ended after the speech.

News Link: https://www.tkpml.com/sehit-nubar-ozanyan-taburu-gonzaloyu-ornek-aliz/?swcfpc=1

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