Friday, September 17, 2021

President Gonzalo commemorated in Rojava!


President Gonzalo commemorated in Rojava!

President Gonzalo, who was the leader of the Peruvian Revolution and was murdered by the Peruvian state for 29 years in isolation, was commemorated.

According to a news report for President Gonzalo on the website, TKEP-L, DKP/BÖG, MLKP, DKP/Birlik and THKPC/MLSPB attended the commemoration organized by MKP and TKP-ML.

After a minute of silence for all the martyrs of revolution and communism in the person of Comrade Gonzalo, the joint statement of the MKP and TKP-ML was read.

The statement gave information about the Peruvian revolution and President Gonzalo. Comrade Gonzalo, the leader of the Peruvian Communist Party, the indomitable fighter and commander of the People's War, the red banner of the proletarian world revolution in Peru, is the common revolutionary-communist value of the world proletariat and the oppressed peoples. We protect this value and promise to keep its ideals alive in our armed struggle for revolution/socialism. Comrade Gonzalo is Immortal! Long live the Illuminated Path of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism! Long live Proletarian Internationalism!” ended in shape.

In the speech made after the joint statement; The conditions under which the communist leader Gonzalo was held captive by the enemy were emphasized. The speech said, “We bow respectfully before this invincible will of the revolution. And once again we say, glory to comrade Gonzalo! Glory to the revolutionaries! Glory to the communists! Imperialism will be defeated, the revolution will win! The people will win the war!” ended in shape.

DKP/BÖG, on the other hand, in its message that started as "Comrade Gonzalo lived a life devoting his whole life to revolutionary struggle," said, "President Gonzalo's revolutionary stance continues to guide the Peruvian people today. President Gonzalo is Immortal! Revolutionaries Die, Revolutions Last! Long live the Revolution and Socialism!” said.

After the speeches, the commemoration program ended.

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