Tuesday, September 21, 2021

No to the anticommunist “Holy Inquisition”! Hand over the body of Abimael Guzman to his comrades!


No to the anticommunist “Holy Inquisition”!

Solidarity to the Peruvian communists!

Hand over the body of Abimael Guzman to his comrades!

The death of the imprisoned leader of the Peruvian communist party, was the result of a slow and torturous extermination policy imposed by all the oligarchy governments, with the assistance of the USA, from his arrest to today, a total of 29 years. Abimael Guzman was buried literally in an underground cage of a few meters wide; not just as a punishment for leading a large, mass popular armed uprising, but also for the fact that he resisted and didn’t submit to his captors, he did not renounce his ideas. The Peruvian oligarchy governments have been responsible all these years for the massacres in jail and for the inhumane treatment conditions of thousands of communist political prisoners.

The death of Abimael Guzman sparked a new round of anticommunist hysteria in Peru and internationally. We are witnessing an unprecedented and coordinated campaign of demonization, slander and falsification of the real facts of the armed conflict in Peru during the decades 1980-1990. Those responsible for the massacres of unarmed farmers, students and trade unionists, the fascist military who starred in tortures, disappearances, extrajudicial jurisdictions and other criminal acts but also the corrupted bourgeois politicians, the paid employees of Washington and CIA, accuse the communists of violence and terrorism! Those who reached the point of planning and executing even a massive sterilization program of the indigenous women population in the Andes, those who stole the country’s wealth, those who forcibly keep the majority of the people in poverty and illiteration, have the audacity to accuse the communists of being monsters! With them lies a group of regime intellectuals, some of them repented leftists, who have built careers by slandering the popular and revolutionary movement, have been hosted these last days in the major international media, pouring anticommunist poison.

The peak of this anticommunist hysteria and barbarism has been the passage of a legal provision incorporated in the general health law, which allows the cremation of dead political prisoners, against the will of their families and comrades, for reasons of national security and internal order. An act equal to the dark years of the Holy Inquisition that contradicts the international human right treaties and the required respect for the dead, even in times of war. The provision was voted by all the right-wing, Social Democratic parties in Congress and was ratified by President Castillo despite the disagreements even from ministers in his government.

We unite our voice with all the democratic people in the world who demand that Guzman’s body be handed over to his comrades for burial according to the rules and customary law. We send a message of solidarity to all the Peruvian communists and demand the liberation of the political prisoners and the respect of their right. We denounce the anticommunist hysteria and the new “Holy Inquisition” in Peru and internationally. The communist ideas do not die, the communist ideas do not burn!

KKeml nternational Bureau

Athens September 2021

E Mail: info@kkeml.gr

Address: Emmanouil Benaki 43 Athens Greece

Postal Code: 10678

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