Monday, April 6, 2020


Communist youth organizations make a joint statement on COVID-19 pandemic
Communist youth organizations from tens of different countries have made a joint statement on the pandemic crisis the world is in.
In the statement, the youth organizations emphasized the desperate image where capitalism was universally stuck and the ruling classes acting with the ambition of profit even in this period.
The full statement and signatories, including the Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG), is as follows:
Young people of the world,
While thousands of people around the globe are getting the disease and unfortunately also die of COVID-19, the reality for the peoples, workers, and youth is ruthless:
The public health system even of some powerful capitalist countries is naked, full of deficiencies, with policies that act in favor of the commercialization of health, and the capitalist profits. The lives of hundreds of thousands of people are at risk. Urgent and necessary measures are not taken must be taken now.
Millions of workers have already lost their jobs or will lose them in the next period. Their salaries are being cut and their working hours are getting flexed. Not because of COVID-19, but because capitalists put once again the burden on their shoulders.
Even the scientific attempts to find a vaccine for COVID-19 are subject to competitions between the imperialists, who are relentless. The anarchy in capitalist production doesnʹt satisfy primary human needs.
Young people of the world,
We extend our heartfelt thanks to the doctors, nurses, the hospital and health unit personnel that are fighting this battle facing great difficulties.

We express our solidarity with those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and wish them a speedy recovery from the disease.
We salute the countries that develop solidarity actions with the most affected countries, such as the sending of protective materials and health professionals from countries such as China, Cuba, and Russia, actions that are in stark contrast to the absence of the European Union.
Young people of the world,
At these hard times, the Communist Youth Organizations are here!
We struggle against COVID-19 and at the same time against injustice, but also those who utilize the virus so that injustice arises.
We struggle against a global system, capitalism, which forced the workers and youth to bear the cost of the capitalist economic crisis and now asks us to pay again. It is proven once more that socialism is necessary and timely since it can ensure primary care and prevention, hospitals, medical and nursing staff, medicines, labs, and tests, thus satisfying the peopleʹs rights and needs.
We struggle against the anti-people policy, which undermines the great scientific and technological possibilities that exist today and can be used in favor of health, welfare and peace for the peoples.
The young people wear masks to protect and be protected against the virus, but we donʹt lower the voice of our demands! We demand:
The Public Health System in all countries to be reinforced with state funding, so that the efforts of the medical and nursing staff get strengthened now.
The necessary protection means to be provided for free to everyone (such as masks, gloves and alcohol-based hand rubs).
The working rights of the workers to be protected. No to dismissals and salary reductions. No to the curtailment of democratic rights on the pretext of COVID-19.
End all sanctions and measures of economic exclusion, which in this situation are even more unjust and criminal and make the life of the peoples in the countries they turn against to even more difficult. To take all necessary measures to protect the health and life of the peoples.
We say no to imperialist interventions and military exercises, such as those of NATO, and demand that public resources be redirected to support the needs of the peoples, such as the financing of public health and social security systems.
We say it clearly: We can win! Nobody alone – Now is the time for solidarity- Together we stand!
Communist Youth of Austria
Bangladesh Youth Union
Bangladesh Youth/Students Union
Young Communists of Belgium
Communist Youth of Bolivia
Communist Youth Union, Brazil
Young Communist League of Britain
Young Communist League of Canada
Young Socialists of the Socialist Workers Party of Croatia
United Democratic Youth Organization, Cyprus
Communist Youth Union, Czech Republic
Communist Youth of the Communist Workerʹs Party of Finland
Union of the Communist Youth of France
Socialist German Workers Youth
Communist Youth of Greece
Communist Youth of Guatemala
All India Youth/Students Federation
Tudeh Youth of Iran
Workersʹ Party Youth (Ireland)
Connolly Youth Movement, Ireland
Young Communist Youth Of Israel
Front of the Communist Youth, Italy
Jordanian Democratic Youth Union
Union of Lebanese Democratic Youth
Federation of Young Communists, Mexico
National Youth Federation of Nepal
Communist Youth Movement of the Netherlands
Youth of the Communist Party of Macedonia, North Macedonia
Democratic Students Federation, Pakistan
Democratic Youth Federation, Pakistan
Palestinian Communist Youth
Palestinian Peopleʹs Party youth
Paraguayan Communist Youth
Peruvian Communist Youth
Youth of Communist Party of Poland
Portuguese Communist Youth
Union of Socialist Youth, Romania
Leninist Communist Youth Union of the Russian Federation
Revolutionary Communist Youth League (Bolsheviks), Russia
Young Communist League of Yugoslavia, Serbia
Young Communist League of South Africa
Communist Youth Union of Spain
Collectives of Young Communists, Spain
Socialist Students Union, Sri Lanka
Socialist Youth/Students Union, Sri Lanka
Communist Youth of Sweden
Syrian Communist Youth Union - Khaled Bagdash Youth
Communist Youth of Turkey
League of Young Communists USA

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