Friday, April 3, 2020

info - Nepal - Press Statement of Revolutionary Maoist : About outbreaks of Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Press Statement
The pandemic, caused by Corona Virus, has now wrapped up the entire world. The number of people infected by this has reached 6,00,901 and 27,417 of them have already died. Almost half of the world population is put under lockdown. As a consequence, the lockdown has created problems of mass unemployment, starvation and serious economic crisis, the world over. In such a frightful situation, many governments have prepared a unified economic package in order to fight against the pandemic and solve the problems created by lockdown. It manifests their accountability towards people.
But a weird, the government of Nepal has now hid its head, as the Ostrich does, as if the lockdown has solved entire problems. It is an irresponsible act on the part of the governemnt. Our party forcefully opposes it and in order to control the pandemic and solve the problems caused by lockdown we strongly demand to sort out and implement, without delay, a comprehensive economic plan, on the basis of the following points.

One, the Nepalese people, who have recently come to Nepal, must be necessarily kept in quarantine till 14 days and the infected ones must be identified. This problem is more acute among those Nepalese people who have lately entered into Nepal from India. Two, the government must lay emphasis to provide treatment to the infected ones, have test of the suspected ones and broaden the testing process to the rest. When the infected ones are identified and are kept in isolation for treatment, then the lockdown can be loosened. Three, the government must proportionately provide treatment materials to public and private hospitals and the both of them must act under government command. The public and private hospitals must not be behaved differently and the private hospitals must in no case be allowed to escape from their responsibility in different excuses. In addition, the treatment of other emergency patients must be continued along with those infected by COVID-19, but in different places. Four, the life insurance must be done for those doctors, nurses and other employees who are at the frontline position of treatment. Five, in order to fulfil the basic necessities of the workers who work in different industrial and commercial enterprises, the labours who are self-employed and the entire poor and disabled people, the government must immediately sort out an economic package and provide them till the situation does not become normal. Six, the government must take responsibility to supply the basic needs of people like food grains, gas, water, milk and vegetables. The private stores that hike price and impose black-market in the name of supplying people their daily needs must be severely punished. Seven, the government must lay emphasis to ease the difficult lockdown life by fulfilling the minimum basic necessities of the people not by using force to show the lockdown has succeeded.
At last,
Now, the country is in serious condition. If the government does not responsibly handle this dreadful situation created by pandemic and the lockdown that followed, it is almost sure that the country is going to be trapped in an inescapable crisis. In this situation, our party the Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist) strongly demands the government to act responsibly and heartily appeals the entire masses of the people to create pressure upon the government based on the aforesaid points to safeguard the country from the imminent crisis.
Date: 2020/03/2
                                                                                                                                                 General Secretary
                                                                                                                                        CPN (Revolutionary Maoist)

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