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Italy - Bergamo - the worker's city massacred from Capitalistic State and government national and regional/coronavisus


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My name is Sebastiano. I’m a comrade from Bergamo, a worker of the Dalmine steel plant, member of the Slai Cobas for the Class Union.
It is not a coincidence that this area of the country, along with Brescia, is the most affected by the CoviD19 pandemic in Italy, where it is difficult not to have some workmates or family members who are dead or sick from the coronavirus.
What we are experiencing on our skin is not a tragic fate but, on the contrary, the proof of very specific responsibilities.
It is very common here the feeling that someone will have to pay, and many among the workers say: we will give them the bill.
But the problem is that the conditions for this to happen must be built right now. What is happening should make workers and proletarians aware that the virus is a product of the capitalists and their production system, based on profits, not health, a virus of Capital, which made the living and social conditions and the health facilities themselves a favourable terrain for the contagion.

The stats on Bergamo show that it is the area with the highest workers concentration in Italy, due to the huge number of factories: 4.1 plants per km2 while the national average is 1.6.
The result is that coronavirus patients are not 9,000 as official stats say, but 100,000 as estimated by the secretary of the federation of general practitioners, while the numbers of deaths for CoviD19 are not 4500. The real number are double the official one (including a high number of those who were quickly buried, with not even a swab test), as the mainstream local newspaper “L’Eco di Bergamo” had to admit.
But these stats still hide the massacre of the elderly, a decimated generation, 1 in 10 are the dead in the nursing homes, deliberately left to themselves, expendable, by age, because they are no longer productive, a massacre that cries out for revenge.

The health workers took up a tremendous challenge when they were sent to thwart barehanded the impact of the virus by criminal authorities and are paying a very high price, as shown by the appalling progression of deaths among doctors, while it is no coincidence that still today we miss data on how many nurses and health workers died in this massacre.
We recognize the bravery and effort of these workers but they must not be heroes, according to the rhetoric of the masters and their State, which means you have to work in any condition, like soldiers sent to the trenches.
While it is important they continue doing their work it needs they fight right now during the emergency to be given the masks, personal protective equipment and swab tests, to bring to light responsibilities and to lay the ground so that it is not everything as before in the health system at the end of the emergency.
This must be done with the contribution of workers, with the organized action of workers, not leaving the politicians to ride this serious problem (as they are doing these bastards of the Democratic Party in these days who speak that we must return the health system to the public sector)

We speak to the logistics workers, in the warehouses where our activity is concentrated, and those in the food factories which have in common to be infiltrated and controlled by the cooperative system.
Even if there were many small episodes of micro-conflict to get protective equipment, our activity is for rebellion, because it is not possible to guarantee safe conditions from contagion as long as the work organization is geared to handle so many wares as possible for the profits of the mass distribution.
We say that in a sector where dictatorship reigns, where there is a condition of new-slavery, that by definition does not allows human conditions, there is no alternative to rebellion.
The warehouses that stopped showed the only possible way: rebellion inside the warehouse is the solution!
For this is our work as comrades toward the workers.

These days everyone is talking and rightly condemning the role of the masters and their association “Confindustria”, which prevented from establishing “red zones” in front of the pandemic outbreak, which is an important aspect, but why did they not see what happened in the factories the first three weeks of March?
While “Confindustria” popularized the video-clip “Bergamo is running” to reassure international customers and continue their business, the owners of the big multinational companies based in Bergamo, Brembo and Tenaris at the head, well-knowing the impact the virus would have on factories workers, since they have already seen it in their plants in China months before, instead of protecting the workers, they tried to keep the factories open in the first weeks of March, passing through the official unions the message that we were due to work (for example on March 6 the management and representatives of the mainstream unions started a procedure to continue working even under the epidemic risk).
These factories remained open until the high absenteeism after the first serious infections and the weight of the spontaneous strikes that were growing led them to opt for the stop.
Despite the risks, they tried to do as much as possible to complete the urgent deliveries.
The same happened, in a chain, in all medium and small companies, as they did not want to stop above all under the uncertainty they were facing, when working also meant continuing to make money.
In Bergamo, we have about 173,000 workers employed in companies with more than 20 employees.

The situation in the factories now is that a large part of workers have understood they have been exposed to a very serious risk. Someone somehow could protect himself against the CoVid19, others have finally understood that masters do not care about our health, their profits come first.
The proof is our workmates who died after being infected in the factory while the bosses hid the data on virus positive people and made everyone work without protective equipment, all in the same sheds and locker rooms.
This is the true face of exploitation: masters and workers are not on the same boat.
If we have understood this, we cannot go back
We have to take another step together.
We have to spend weeks before we back to work.
We must put all possible effort into building a collective path and we must think of and do it right now.
The example of spontaneous strikes showed us the way we have to go.
When workers mobilize without the leash of the official unions, they worry and scare the masters and their government.
The workers are the those who make the whole economy move, never as in these days the strength we can have became evident, if we organize ourselves and become conscious that we must break down this system.
So call to the workers and people’s masses to look at what really happened and get organized, out of and against the official trade unions.

What do we want? Everything!
What we need now in Bergamo is the revolt of workers and masses and to start building it now, fighting now in all possible and imaginable forms and ways.

What do we want? Everything!
Your system, your power, your state and government have failed, have killed our loved ones, continue doing it, and will continue so, but we drew experience from all this and we will give you the bill to pay, and it will be high!

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