Sunday, April 5, 2020

PCm Italy - the principal task of the true marxist-leninist- maoist communists in the Coronavirus Krisis is to organised proletarian and people's struggles

Some of mlm forces write documents - something very good texts - but what is their activity in the class struggle today?- in the workers struggles ? what is their rally with masses? whats is their revolutionary action for in the real class struggle for conquering proletarian vanguards, for making the struggle for the advance of the masses' coscience - working class before of all - organisation for trasform ordinary class struggle in struggle for political power?

Some of them think that  their task to speak about mass struggle  - to exalt mass struggles 
without to merge with them - without to efforce to guide them . to organise and to guide masses's organisations - before of all classist trade-unions - their  work is easy but it is right opportunism. 

Some of them think that to make only wall writings with exhalting slogans is the essence of 'revolutionary' action - also this is easy but also this is 'left opportunism' and specific pretty bourgeois revolutionarism.

Today in this dramatic international situation it is impossible to advance in a true internationalist mouvement without to sweep away these forms of opportunism, particularly in imperialist countries.

PCm Italy
avril 2020

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